I’ve been getting called out on how sucky I am at blogging.  [cough *Mischelle* cough]  So, I’ve been actively paying attention to my life so I had blog fodder.  Shut up, like you don’t check out on 95% of your life, too.  Oh, you don’t.  Just me, then?  Well, that’s probably not good.

Anywho, when I sat down at this computer, I had a full bottle of wine, a great mood going, and 5 post ideas.  I was going to write 5 posts and schedule them all for the next couple of weeks.  I have since written one, posted it, and promptly forgotten the other 4.  No shit.

And this is why I suck at blogging.

But, hey!  I got a post out of how shitty at this I am.  So, win-win, right?

*jazz hands*