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My response to that?  Do you need a paper towel?  Because I have no freaking idea what a Lalaloopsie is.

I have heard or seen Lalaoopsie twice in as many days and both times I thought someone had screwed something up and wanted to sing about it.

Upon doing a little research, I learned that a Lalaloopsie is, according to the Lalaoopsie website:

Lalaoopsie are rag dolls that magically come to life from the fabric used to make them. They live in a colorful silly world! Sew Magical! Sew Cute!

Also, I’ve learned that they look like freaky little pigeon-toed rag dolls with buttons for eyes and molded plastic hair.  Which means that they can never be trusted.  Ever.

It's going to suck out your soul.


Nothing that skinny, floppy, and pigeon-toed can be looked upon as anything other than a multicellular, brain-dead organism (i.e.: fashion models).  Button eyes means you have no soul, at least according to Tim Burton and Coraline.  And plastic hair is a bitch to brush.  Also, it catches on fire quite easily.  Not that me nor my 8-year-old self would know anything about that.

Okay, that’s it for the Lalaoopsie thing.  I’ve decided that they’re freaky, soulless creatures.

I should have photos and stories put together soon for a Christmas/New Year’s post soon.  If not, I’ll just keep writing pointless shit like this Lala-OH-MY-GOD-I-think-it-wants-to-eat-your-brains! post above.