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I’m so freaking excited!  It’s time for Cookie Days 2012!  We’re doing it at my friend Mischelle’s house again this year (not mine, yay!).  I get to show up when I want and leave when I want and I don’t have anyone telling me, “Oh, come on.  We can make one more kind of cookie, can’t we?”  (The answer is no.  No, we cannot make one more kind of damn cookie.  Mama needs a drink.)

This is what happened last year on the last day to the last cookie.  We only had red icing left.  That cookie never stood a chance.

Behave Buddy.

Watch your ass, Elf.

Needless to say, we’re going to try to do the cutout cookies earlier this year so we’re not so freaking evil to them.  The elf was the worst.  There were other cookies that were molested in the process.  Even Rudolph got his.  It was too awful to photograph.  Let’s just remember him like he is in the Christmas special, okay?

Anywho, I’ll be out of pocket all weekend as I bake my big ass off.  Or, really, bake my big ass on since I’ll be eating all the things.  Twice, just to make sure my tastebuds weren’t on the fritz.

Oh, and we’re also making KY an ugly Christmas sweater so she can win a free lunch.  Imma crochet some shit, and we’re going to hot glue and safety pin all the ugly Christmas things we can find to that sucker.  I’ll take some pictures for posterity (and blackmail, what?).  If I get the go-ahead, I’ll share them with you next week.  Hell, I’ll share them even if I don’t get the go-ahead.

Also, we’re going to attend my good friend DJ’s birthday party Saturday night.  She’s turning the big 4-0 next week, so we’re going to celebrate in style.  You know, with flour in my hair, flour handprints on my ass, and cookie dough behind my years instead of perfume.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be one of the most popular girls at the party.  Because, COOKIESZ!!!1!!  “My cookies bring all the boys to the garage…”  Oh, yeah.  As DJ would say, “Woop, woop!”

So, I hope you all have a loverly weekend.  I know I will.  I’m gonna bake and eat and bake and drink good wine (Boone’s Farm) and bake and eat and drink beer.  Not necessarily in that order.  If I drink first, you’re going to get some pictures of some ugly ass cookies.  So, bonus?