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This is an old draft I recently stumbled upon while cleaning up the ol’ archives.  I’m trying to turn all my drafts into published or scheduled posts.  I just can’t stand seeing those half-finished thoughts just sitting there all sad and, well, unfinished.

This post is the follow-up to this one.  You might want to read it first.  You don’t have to, but it might be a little less disjointed if you do.

Last week’s teasers bragged about, explained, and mourned:

  • Nannee, nannee, boo boo!  I saw The Hunger Games!  Suck my big toe.  And it was all the awesomes.
    • OMG, people.  I was so pissed when the movie was over because I knew it’d be at least another year before I got to see the next one.  But, on the upside, I have a year to read the next book.
    • **SPOILER ALERT** (for the book – and the movie, too, I guess)
      • I was a little upset that they didn’t show Katniss pulling her hand away from Peeta upon their arrival at the train station after the games.  I was wondering how they were going to address that, but I guess the longing on Katniss’s face when she looked at Gale holding her little sister on his shoulders sort of took care of it.  Still, the anger Peeta showed in the book was much more palpable than the one-sided look Katniss threw in Gale’s direction.  Besides, the book never addressed Gale’s feelings toward Katniss and the movie intimated he was upset by her interest (or supposed interest) in Peeta.  Just sayin’.  I wonder if that’s addressed in the next book and if I’m missing something because I haven’t read the entire trilogy.  I’ll update you all about my reaction and interpretation when I’ve read it.  I hope to do a ridiculous amount of reading in Cabo next month.
  • I’m going to the NASCAR race in Martinsville, VA this weekend.  The Martinsville Fall and Winter race trips are the best camping trips of the whole year.  I cannot freaking wait to leave after work on Thursday.  But I won’t be upset if I have to stay later than I plan to on Monday.  Oh, and don’t forget the requisite trip to Bass Pro Shops to pick up the (insert thing we don’t really need here) new propane smoker – because, apparently, the Big Green Egg is soooo last year.  😉
    • Damn it!  I love the new smoker.  It’s so much easier for Mr. Bug to set up and smoke his big meat on.  I love me some Mr. Bug Big Smoked Meat.
  • Saturday Margaritas at El Parral!  Need I say more?
    • Instead of just the girls going to El Parral, we all went.  And had a great time, as usual.  I still like it to be all girls, but I’ll take a margarita any way I can get it.
  • Dan and green mohawk.  That is all.
    • Okay, for the race, Mr. Bug decided to shave his hair into a mohawk and then color it green.  Crazy, green apple Jolly Rancher green.  OmyG.  It was hilarious!  I also colored Effer’s hair a lovely shade of deep red raspberry.  They were some handsome honeys at the race.  BTW, did I mention that we’re rednecks?  At least no one’s shaved a number into their back hair.  Yet.