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Not book reading.  I’m coming along swimmingly with that.  I’m behind on my blog reading.  My Google Reader unread count is currently 471.  I try to read 30 blog entries a day.  According to that number, I’m 15.7 days behind.  Urg.

The purpose of this post is that I want to bring something to your attention that I happened to stumble on today while desperately trying to get through some of my blog reading: this post by The Insatiable Booksluts.

Unexpected kitten pictures!  Yay!  It brought a little ray of sunshine to another dreary work day.  But if you clicked on the link for the blog, you’ll notice that there’s a little shout out to something called “Written? Kitten!”  I clicked on the link, of course (because, KITTIES!!z!).  At Written? Kitten! you can specify when to get a new kitten picture.  I chose 100 words (because, KITTIES!!z!) so I could test the refresh rate.  Once a software tester, always a software tester.

Written? Kitten!

I thought to myself, “Self, this would be awesome for those participating in NaNoWriMo!”  And then I said, “Self, you know what would make that site even better?  Smut.  Written? Bitten!, Written? Hittin’!, Written? Smitten!, Written? Kissin’!, Written? Lickin’!,Written? Teasin’! or Written? Screwin’! (rhyme, schmyme)”

Now, that might prompt me to start participating in NanoWriMo.

Written? Smut!