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So, last week, I rearranged my closet so that my pants are on the opposite side of my closet than my tops.  This was done solely to use the space better; I keep buying clothes and not getting rid of enough to make room, so I needed to remove something from the “main bar” and pants got the ax.  They take up the new space perfectly.  Yay, happy closet!  And then I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I had no pants to wear, but I couldn’t figure out why because I had no dirty laundry in my hamper.  I was so confused and was starting to freak out in my dream.  It got ugly fast up in my dreamy head.

You see, I’ve been out of work on disability for several weeks, so I’ve had a lot of days sans pants.  Hey, get your head out of the gutter, I’m wearing PJs, but not “real” pants.  And when I have gone out of the house, I’ve been wearing shorts, which are stored in a drawer.  You can see how it would be easy for me to forget where my pants are.  (Urg.  I never thought I’d type that sentence – evah, evah, evah.)

But what’s surprising me most about all of this is that it was important enough to my subconscious to freak the fudge out over it.  No pants, you say?  OH HOLY HELL, FREAK THE FREAK OUT RIGHT NOW!!!1!!  WHERE DID ALL THE PANTS GOOOOOOO???!!?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.


And on a completely different note, I saw this on my floor and had to do a double-take and then feel bad for Thanks A Lot Bear.  I’m guessing he didn’t say “thanks a lot” when he was mutilated.


How do it breeeaaaathe?!


*UPDATE* – Breaking news!  Beepa deep beep beeeeeep beep beep!  This just in!

I moved my pants back to their original side of the closet.  When I was picking out what to wear every morning, half asleep, I couldn’t figure out why I only had skirts to choose from.  It was very distressing.  As in not really distressing, but I would stand there confused for 3 minutes, losing all my morning momentum, which, if I’m honest, isn’t much to begin with.  So, instead of giving myself time to get used to the idea of pants on the right, I just moved them back to their home and we’re all happy again.  Me, my pants, and probably Thanks A Lot bear.

News Flash! image courtesy of Word clip art.