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Well, it’s been 8 years since we moved into this house.  We love it!  And by we, I mean me.  Dan’s still pissy that it cost an arm and a leg.  He also can’t understand how it could be my dream house and all I want to do is change it.  I like the bones of the house, but not the crappy sun/moon tile counter tops or the butt-ugly baby caca yellow that the previous owner painted the office.  So, I’ve slowly but surely been making changes.  At least, I’ve been buying stuff that I want changed and the boxes are sitting in a pile in the dining room.

Dan’s what I like to call “anti-handy.”  And those things he should be able to do, he doesn’t.  I don’t know if it’s out of spite or because he’s lazy.  In any case, there are a million things around that house that need to be done and they’re just sitting there in their boxes or plastic containers just mocking me.  Oh, and for the people who thought, “Why doesn’t she just do it herself?!” Here’s your answer: if I do everything myself, I don’t need Dan.  But I kinda like him.  So in order to justify keeping him around, I need him to earn his keep.  Know what I mean?

Here’s the current state of my house: I have no floors in the living room and upstairs hallway.  I have curtains that need to be hung in the master bedroom, I have mini blinds that need to be hung in the office, I have a new faucet for the kitchen, I have a new faucet for the master bathroom, I have a whole house filter that needs to be installed, and I have NO FUCKING SCREENS ON MY WINDOWS.  And, yes, I meant to yell that.  I’ve been asking for screens since before  we moved in.  They cost less than $20 apiece and he hasn’t bought them or installed them.  I told him I’d buy them, and he told me not to bother.  His justification for not putting them up?  He doesn’t want to listen to me bitch about having to dust the pollen that will come in through the screens.  Yeah, like I’m gonna dust.  See what I’m dealing with?!?

I’ve decided to just hire someone to do all of the work around the house and have the bill sent to Dan.  We’ll see how that works out for me.  I’ll keep you updated.

And, oh em gee, I just realized I was going to write this post about my noisy ass dryer.  Oh, hell.  Guess I’ll have to save that for another day.