Today, over at Blogging Dangerously, Kit has asked us to come up with 6-word stories.  These things are fantabulous!  I’m having so much fun with them.  In fact, to celebrate the impending 4th of July holiday, I’ve written an entire story with 6-word stories.  Enjoy, my lovelies!

Four Finger Freddy’s Fantastic Fireworks Emporium!
Giggle! That is some awful advertisement.

Chapter 1:
July 4th weekend: fireworks and booze!
Booze slushies for all! Even you.

Chapter 2:
Fireworks and booze: the perfect storm.
Have you seen my punk, punk?

Chapter 3:
Wait for it… wait for it!
And that’s how it’s done, bitches!

Chapter 4:
Holy shit snacks! Where’s my finger?
It was all fun and games.

It sounded like a good idea.
Hey, can I get your digits?