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Okay, after the last post’s sadness, I think it’s time I get this blogging ball rolling again, don’t you?  Let’s see, what’s been going on in Jenland?

New Car!

I got a new car, since my mom won’t buy me one!  Yay, me!  It’s a silver 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan.  DON’T JUDGE ME, HATERS.  I love me a minivan.  I have christened it “Silver Bullet” but haven’t decided if it’s a girl or a boy yet.  It combines the best of both worlds – laziness and cheapness.  The doors are automatic, I don’t have to walk around them when I’m loading my latest bulk purchases from the warehouse store (because how can you live properly without 75 rolls of toilet paper in your closet?).  I can go to both the warehouse store AND the grocery store on the SAME day during the SAME trip without having to come home to unload the stupid little orange car (Flying Punkin) first, that Dan will now be driving to save mileage and money by not driving the big red truck (The Beast).  It’s great on gas mileage (inner hippie = happy).  It’s used, so it’s CHEAP (inner mizer = happy)!  It has stow-and-go so I can fold the seats down and load the pups up and take them for doggie rides (outer mommy = happy).  I did realize one thing – no back windows for them to poke their heads out of – boo (meh, they’ll get over it – they’re going for a R-I-D-E).

Taking two classes!

I’m taking two classes, Counterterrorism and Counseling Psychology. Yay, me.  Urg.  The new 8 week format with “Authentic Assignments” instead of finals is going to be a bitch.  All “authentic assignment” means is research paper.  And now, instead of having 15 weeks to write it, I have 8.  Whoopie.  Oh, and two classes?  Two research papers in two months on two things that are completely unrelated, so I can’t even re-use some of the freaking resources.

Buried in work!

I’m crazy busy at work these days.  Yay, me *and* boo, me.  At least the days go by fast, but I keep forgetting to report the things I complete (because I’m busy doing them), so it looks like I’m sitting on my ass all day looking up muffaletta recipes (great, now I want a muffaletta).  Aaaaand now I have to go write a quick text doc about what I did today at work before I forget because I just realized I forgot to report it before I left.  Damn it!

Yup, that just about covers it.

It’s time for a drink!

Hells yeah!

What’s going on with you?