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Well, lovelies.  It’s been a while since I’ve even opened this blog up to see what’s been going on while I was away.  It seems that my blog has been behaving itself.  I guess I have to do everything around here.  *le sigh*

A lot has happened in the two months since I’ve last posted. I’ll give you a quick rundown of what went on and I’ll post details soon!

Here goes:

I was taking three online classes, looking forward to going to my 20th high school reunions in Texas (yes, that’s plural), preparing to go camping in VA (twice), and getting ready to go to New York City with my mom, who was flying in from Texas for the trip.  What else?  Oh, I was also preparing to have exploratory abdominal surgery, a visit from my best friend and her family over Thanksgiving.  And now I have to get ready for Cookie Days, our annual Christmas party, Christmas weekend, and New Year’s weekend.

Oh my sweet baby Jebus, I need a nap just from typing all that.  And here’s what happened or is going to happen:

I dropped the classes.  My class reunions were great!  I didn’t get to go camping (either time).  The visit with my mom was wonderful and New York was fun.  Surgery went well; I’m not going to die of anything, anytime soon.  Yay!  The visit w/ my best friend was fantastic!  Cookie Days is this weekend, and I think we’re going to survive.  We’re trying something new for our Christmas Party, so wish us luck.  We’ll probably spend Christmas day with Dan’s brother and his family.  And this year’s New Year’s party is at Deb Jean’s.  She’s already said we can put our floatation device (airbed) in her office so we can stay the night and not get arrested or dead on the three mile drive back to our house.

Whew!  I’ll post details as soon as I get a chance!

What are all of your plans for this upcoming holiday season?  Anything exciting going on?