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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been a busy little beaver.

Busy, busy beaver!


I’m taking three classes this semester in addition to working my “real job.”  And my social life is something I just can’t sacrifice to stay home to write a blog post – or do homework.  Fuck.  I’m also preparing to go out of town this weekend, then two weekends after that and the one after that.  Then I get a week off (or two?) and we’re out of town again.  Sheesh.  Off we go!



This weekend we’re going allll the way up to Troy, PA (6 hours) to celebrate the Giant Baby’s first birthday.  Yay, me!  I get to see Stacy, Phill, Jake, and AJ (the Giant Baby).  I’m stoked.  I haven’t seen them since they surprised me for my birthday in July.  The GB’ll be one on 10-10-10 and he’s already wearing 2T clothes.  I don’t call him the Giant Baby for nothin’.

They’re also coming down over Thanksgiving (hopefully) to help me recover from some minor surgery.  It’s nothing exciting.  I’m not dying or anything, I’m just getting poked at.  And not the good kind of poke.  The good kind is the sex kind, not the jacked up Facebook kind.  I don’t know why I felt the need to explain that.  Damn, it’s late.

Then I get a week off to make up for all the homework I’m missing and to try to get ahead on it and then we’re off again.



The next weekend, we’re headed to Houston, TX for my 20th high school reunion.  Go Klein Oak Panthers!  But, wait… there’s more!  I went to three high schools.  Don’t ask why.  Let’s just say that guns and a cheatin’ ass man were involved.  Anywho, two of them are having their reunion that weekend, so I’ll be celebrating with some Aldine Mustangs (1st high school) and some KO Panthers (3rd high school).  Woohoo!

I’m bringing Dan, who’s pissed that he’s not going to get to see Friday Night Lights because my whole family (all 25 of us) are going to dinner instead.  At least he’s getting BBQ, which he specifically requested.  The big baby.  I swear my mom likes him more than me.  Not kidding.  Even a little bit.  Boo, me.

But to add insult to injury, the two teams who are actually playing that Friday are Aldine and my 2nd school, Nimitz.  Nimitz is having their reunion this weekend.  I wish I could be there.  They’re a great group, and I’m sorry I’m missing it, but I just can’t justify two trips to H-town in one month.


The weekend after that (Halloween weekend), we’re headed to Martinsville, VA for the NASCAR race.  I’m especially excited about that trip because I haven’t been camping a lot (not alot) this year.  We usually go 8 or 9 times, and this will only be the second (maybe 3rd? getting old, can’t remember) trip I’ve been on this year.

I’m gonna go to El Parral for margaritas on Saturday afternoon with the girls (and probably the boys, because the campsite’s boring without us bitches).  Krisy’s buying because she’s a high class ho’ and she owes me money.  And we all know what happens when I don’t get my money, bitch.  I may or may not be her pimp.

Oh, and I suppose I’ll hump my fat ass over to watch the race on Sunday.  The track is somehow magically uphill both ways.  No shit.  I still haven’t figured it out.  Shut up, Dan.  So, to avoid the inevitable whining on the way back, I’d better start saving my water bottles to put my Boone’s Farm in so I’m good and drunk on the walk back.  If you dare make fun of Boone’s Farm, I. will. cut. you.  Carry on.

Then I get two whole weeks off to do even more homework and a final (I think – I should probably check my syllabuses/syllabi/syphilis – whatever).  Yay.

Then we’re off to Rockahock in Lanexa, VA to celebrate JF’s birthday.  It’ll be our last camping trip of the year.  I love the last one, it’s always so cold outside and the fire’s so hot.  I get to sit in my army green folding papasan chair by the fire and get toasty from the fire and the wine.  *bliss*

And the week after that, it’s Thanksgiving, which means I get assaulted by Dr.  Ali.  He just loves him some exploratory surgery, don’t he?  Urg.  But, I’ll go under the knife as long as I get to see Stacey, Phill and the babes again.  =)

Muah ah ahhh...


Imma try to do better on mah bloggin’, but I can’t make any promises for the next month or so.  If’n you want to hear me bitch and/or whine about something in particular, holla.  And if you want it ASAP, tell me they don’t recycle or they kill kittens or something.

So, since I’m going to be in and out, tell me what’s going on with all you guys.  What are your end of summer plans?  Anything good going on?  Anything shitty?

Holy shit.  I just realized I’m going to my 20th high school reunion.  Now I feel exceptionally old, so I guess I better take my decrepit ass to bed.  But, good news!  I still fit into the same earrings I wore in high school!  Don’t be jealous, bitches.