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Kids these days…

Austin (aka: The Semi Step-Brother), the 16 yo Eagle Scout who won’t be going to Mexico, is licensed and on the road.  Watch out, Houston, TX!

But get this shit: ten seconds after he got his license he got one of my mom’s cars for free (the little red Jeep), he’s getting gas money, and his Dad’s paying for his insurance.  *And* he doesn’t even have to get a job.  WTH?!  Really?!


Are you f’n kidding me?  I don’t ever want to hear that I don’t know how good I had it when I was growing up.  My life sucked balls just as hard as yours did, old farts.  It’s all perspective, people.

Just to let you know why I’m so pissed: I got a rust colored (super- sexy actual color, not a rusty car) 10-year old Chevrolet Citation for Christmas SIX MONTHS after I got my license.  The car had no radio, air conditioning, or heater.  It had manual windows and seats.  The seats wouldn’t scoot up far enough, forcing me to pioneer the pimpin’ driving style.  I had to pay for my own insurance, gas, and MANY repairs with my THREE freaking jobs, while I still had school, dance practice after school, and two-a-days on the weekends and during the summer.


As Mischelle would say, “Ffff.”  I’m just saying.

I’m getting him fuzzy dice for Christmas this year cuz that’s what I got the Christmas I got my car.  Fuzzy dice, a can of fix-a-flat and a rust-colored car.

Sweet baby Jebus.  Talk about a first world problem.  I’m gonna shut up now.