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My birth month started off fairly slow.  Yes, I said ‘birth month.’  Don’t judge – I’m an only child.  Like I said: s.l.o.w.  Nobody did anything for me until this past Friday.  In case you weren’t counting, 14 inactive birth month days went to waste.  Don’t think I’m not keeping track of those to be used at my whim for any perceived wrongdoing that may or may not have actually been or might be perpetrated against me (I watch CSI; I know how to use big po-po words).

14 inactive birth month days went to waste

On Friday afternoon, Dan (my husband) e-mailed me to find out when I was leaving work.  I e-mailed him back with the same answer I give him every time he asks me that.  He e-mailed me back and informed me that he’d made reservations for 7 pm and he wasn’t telling me where.  Well, hot damn!  I’m finally getting that man to take me out to dinner without having to back him into a corner to do it.

I got off work on time-ish, went home, pulled in front of the garage and left the car running with the AC on.  It’s hot and humid in these parts in July.  I went inside to “go, just in case.”  So, we get in the car and started driving.  After about 30 minutes, and a telling right-turn, I figured out where we were going because there’re only two restaurants at the end of that road.  Either of which I would gladly eat at because they serve seafood that I don’t have to cook.  Even though he acted all twitchy and road-ragey when he was parking, I didn’t concern myself with it because that’s usual behavior for him.

We walked in and he said to the girl, “Robbins,” and she popped up off her stool and started walking.  Then she turned and turned again and walked a some more.  I felt like a rat in a maze trying to find the crab-flavored cheese.  We get to the (no kidding) last freaking turn and last freaking table in the whole damn place and I turn the corner and… there were Stacey, Phill and the boys with Gene, Jamie and Josh!


Danny choreographed an excellent surprise.  Stacey and Phill had come from Pennsylvania for my birthday!  It doesn’t matter one bit that they were already in VA for a rodeo and only 2 hours away.  They came for my birthday and that’s how it’s going down in my history book because my stories are “based” on true events just like American history, damn it.

We had a wonderful evening laughing, sharing food, making fun of Phill’s cold nachos, eating the best corn fritters I’ve ever had and then later having a bonfire at Gene and Jamie’s house.  It was great!  I got to catch up with Stacey, play with the Giant Baby, love on Jacob as much as he would let me and roll my eyes at Phill’s dorkiness.

And to top it off, Dan drove home so I could get tipsy.