We interrupt this blog for Snowmageddon.


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Beep a deep beep… this just in! Some fun wine stuff has been circulating on Facebook these days regarding the upcoming Snowmageddon that’s supposed to hit the Southeast over the next couple of days. I just thought I’d share couple of them with you.


I’m just barely in the 15 cases zone. Thank the baby jeebus. Whew! Crisis averted.


Someone asked me if this was me (the pro, not the amateur & this was myresponse:

Hells bells! I like breakfast wine, brunch wine, lunch wine, second lunch wine, elevensies wine, linner wine, dinner wine, second dinner wine, and midnight snack wine. Hell, I even like church wine. I like boxed wine, screw top wine, corked wine, wine pops, wine sickles, and even port wine cheese. I like bubbly wine, flat wine, semi-bubbly wine, dry wine, sweet wine, semi-sweet wine, and semi-dry wine. Gimme a bottle of wine & I could probably come up with some more ways I like wine!

I like Summer wine, Spring wine, Fall wine, Winter wine, solstice wine, Christmas wine, Easter wine, birthday wine, New Years wine, Christmas in April wine, Christmas in July wine, and half birthday wine. I like naked wine, wine with clothes on, wine without clothes on,  wine with shoes on, wine without shoes on, wine in a hot tub, wine in a pool, wine in a river, wine in a tent, wine in the woods, wine in the house, wine in the backyard, wine in the camper, and even wine in someone else’s camper. I like expensive wine, cheap wine, two buck chuck, other people’s wine, leftover wine, but my favorite is free wine!

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